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Last updated is: TopFuelDragster @ SpeedEvents Internationals 2024                                                                                                                                                                                 This database contains: 1542 events, 2996 drivers & 30065 result posts...                                                                                                                                                                                 Next event is: RWYB at Hal Far   and   Helloil Midsummer Festival at Tallhed   and   BMW Show at SantaPod
European Drag Racing Database
This database contains a collection of elapsed times during European drag racing quarter-mile competitions, found in the web publication or submissions by drivers and the organizers. This is not, and will probably never going to be, a complete list but if almost everyone involved provide additional information it probably will be some better.
Therefore, I appeal to all of you, cup- and race organizers, drivers and others who have access to the results list or time sheets from races around Europe, to send them to me for completion of the database. I would also hope that any errors identified are sent for revision.
I concentrate, initially, on quarter-mile race results. I use official result lists from competition and license runs. In Sport Compact classes time tickets are accepted.
Photo:Patrik Jacobsson

Photo:Patrik Jacobsson

The database contains a collection of results in classes with comparable results, namely the FIA / FIM classes, Comp Eliminator and regional classes as "Top Doorslammer", "Fuel Altered", "Funny Bike" and "Top Gas Bike".

It is now possible to support a side of a class or a racer by advertising place on each side. Personal driver sites only can be supported by one of drivers existing sponsors. For more information please send me a message.

I want to thank everyone who helps to produce all content, Timing crews as SPR Timing Crew, TimeTree and many more, but even all photographers who happily donate their photos to make this site. I hope to further develop the page and the database in a calm pace, especially during the winters and update the lists throughout the summers…
2010, more than fourteen years ago, I first published this site and since then I have collect near 30 000 best ET results, performed by the 2900 competitors during the 1500 races across whole Europe. Most of these results are from the FIA / UEM competitions and from the national cups in northern Europé. I even got over 2000 pictures to present drivers and their vehicles in the best possible way…

Web Statistics:
Since I published this site, it was visited by over 98 000 unique visitors from many countries, however, the majority, from Sweden, Finland and UK. They visit an average of six pages, during 3 minutes each …

Photo:Marcin Gwozdz

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